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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Seven Wonders of Maharashtra

Blogon | Seven Wonders of Maharashtra

Maharashtra, a state located in the Western part of India, is gifted with land of mysticism which inspires cultural practices. The state Maharashtra has been attracted by number of nature lovers and the vacationers giving them a life changing environment. The Maharashtra state is surrounded by amazing evergreen beautiful places like Khandala, Lonavla or Mahabaleshwar! All the places are gorgeous during the rainy season.
Lonavla is a renowned place of Maharashtra where everyone can realize that nature existing in its entire splendor.  Lonavla has been covered with hills, waterfalls and valleys with lush green environment. You can see a fabulous view of mountains which is trying to attain the sky, whereas, sun rise early in the morning at Lonavla give you a feeling of joy and happiness with full of zeal which you never experienced anywhere.
Mahabaleshwar is the best famous spot of Maharashtra which can be known as “Queen of Hill Stations”!!! This awesome place is located with the altitude of 1,372 m in the district of Satara within the heart of Hills of Sahyadri.  The speciality of this place is emerging with scenic splendor, various views of sunset and sun rise with the valleys and the unbelievable sea which can be visible at particular days.
Khandala is a "Place of Beauty" in the Maharashtra. Once you visited, you will never forget all the experience which you have felt and enjoyed here. If you are thinking of enjoying the holiday vacations, Khandala will be the best option to enjoy the vacations. If you are travelling to Maharashtra, and not visiting the Khandala, you are lacking a great place to feel pleasure of nature. Though it looks like a small hill station, but, it will definitely provide an experience of lush greenery. Trekking trails at Khandala preserves you engaged all through your Khandala tour.
Panchgani, an idyllic mountain retreat in the Krishna valley of Maharashtra, will be seen on the Mahabaleshwar-Pune highway inside the Satara district and Situated at an altitude of 1,334 M. The name gives as “Panchgani” because of the five hills around it. Here, all can experience that a nature walks through the thickly canopied woods. Tapola near Panchgani is special to enjoy water sports.
From Mumbai, a place 171 Km away commonly known as “Matheran”, also deals with the lush green environment. At Matheran, vehicles are not allowed to save the environment from pollution. The only permitted transportation is on horseback and hand-pulled rickshaws.
Chikhaldara in Maharashtra is a rapidly growing area of coffee whose history defines that Bheema killed the villainous King Keechaka and threw him into the valley. Chikhaldara hill resort is situated in the Vidarbha region and nurtures wild boar, panthers, sambar, sloth bears etc.
Bhandardara, a destination 185 Kms from Mumbai furnished with lush green hills, serene lakes and brisk waterfalls. This place can be climb up to see the Ratangad and Harishchandragad fort conquers the highest peak in Maharashtra commonly referred as “Mount Kalsubai” which is 1646 m in height.

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